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Furthermore, users can find out about new career paths. DOORS mines the state’s database of infor- mation on employees’ quarterly earn- ings and develops an aggregate under- standing of career switches. It can see that, say, 2,000 people worked in one industry before successfully switch- ing to another, and it can recommend a similar transition for people in the first industry who are now out of work.
Jensen likens it to how Netflix sug- gests shows for viewers to watch based on their viewing habits and the habits of those with similar tastes.
“It’s not meant to replace job coaches or people who work in one-stop systems in labor departments,” he said. “It’s meant to be a tool for people to use online or, even better, to be used in conjunction with job coaches and others.”
Next up for DOORS is an employer- facing portal that will allow companies
to enter information about job openings, which will prompt the solution to search through its information on the skills of unemployed workers. “If you can use AI to look at somebody’s qualifications and go try to find jobs that match them, you can also start with jobs and go look for people,” Jensen said.
When it finds a match, DOORS will alert the employer that, for instance, Person 1234 has the qualifications for the job. If the employer wants to con- nect, the solution will alert the job seeker and make the introduction.
Diving into a research data
lake to improve policy
The Colorado Department of Higher Education, Department of Labor and Employment, and Workforce Devel- opment Council are banding together with RIPL to create a research data lake — a secure, cloud-based system
that stores, anonymizes and integrates administrative data.
It will work in tandem with the state’s existing data trust, which was built with help from Brighthive to manage how data is used and shared. The idea is to “create that space where we can...dive into various use cases and research ques- tions, hopefully helping us better align all that we’re doing and better inform- ing policy,” said Michael Vente, chief performance officer and senior director of research and data governance at the Department of Higher Education.
“I really am looking forward to lever- aging the data that we state agencies have in better, more innovative ways to tell a more holistic story about an indi- vidual’s experience when they are inter- acting with various programs and what it looks like when they...complete a higher education program of any type and then go on to the workforce,” he added. n
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