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rising star
Salomeh Ghorbani
Lead Program Manager
General Services Administration
During her nearly nine years in the federal IT community, Salomeh Ghorbani has managed user testing for numerous system migrations. Her succe ss has been attributed to her intense and thorough approach to ensuring that products are bug-free and production-ready.
She recently played a key role in the migration of the General Services Administration’s, which serves over 2 million diverse users in the public and private sec- tors. For the move to a new environment, she developed test scripts and then collected and analyzed input from over 100 testers.Thanks to her efforts, GSA transitioned’s massive user community without affecting the government’s ability to continue awarding contracts during the move.
Since the site’s rollout, Ghorbani has been tracking cus- tomer engagement and overseeing the team responsible for reviewing thousands of comments and providing them in a usable format for product owners. She also updated over 1,000 pieces of training materials and ensured that they were accurate and delivered on schedule. In addition, she implemented a highly successful automat- ed review process.
Records storage company Iron Mountain recognized that its government customers need to access data in a variety of formats and through a variety of devices while ensuring secu- rity and privacy. The company developed the InSight platform to support an enterprisewide approach to records and infor- mation management that is cost-efficient and increases the value agencies extract from their data.
The content services plat- form ingests data in a variety of formats using optical char- acter recognition, image rec- ognition and video processing capabilities and uses artificial intelligence to organize that data for search and analysis.
Iron Mountain created InSight in response to require- ments from the National Archives and Records Adminis- tration and the Office of Man- agement and Budget for agen- cies to modernize the way they store and manage records and other information.
November/December 2021

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