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Building a Data-Driven Government
A commitment
Justin Taylor
Vice President of AI, Lockheed Martin
Greg Forrest
Director of AI Foundations, Lockheed Martin
Mike Harasimowicz
Director of AI Innovations, Lockheed Martin
to compute, data, software and security to eliminate many of the complexities that can plague machine learning operations. As a result, users can focus on building models that solve complex challenges and allow them to iterate rapidly.
In addition, the AI Factory provides solutions for how teams govern and control their processes. We need to ensure that we can automate, monitor and apply security throughout the entire machine learning
life cycle — from how data is curated and labeled to how models are trained, deployed, sustained and monitored once they’re
out in the field. A disciplined approach is paramount for taking AI-enabled solutions from the prototype or pilot phase and scaling them into production environments.
Busting the myths about AI
There is a certain mythology associated with AI based on science fiction and movies. We have to bust those myths and educate our customers and the general public by demonstrating trustworthiness and the positive potential of AI. Lockheed Martin is committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct in all that we do. Together with NVIDIA, we ensure that our solutions are
to wielding
AI for good
Ethical AI solutions are the key to achieving this technology’s full potential
OUR NATION DESERVES THE VERY BEST from its leaders in aerospace and defense,
and artificial intelligence is essential to achieving that goal. Lockheed Martin
is proud to partner with our Defense Department customers and the most advanced commercial companies to apply state-of-the-art technology to our most challenging national security problems in a safe, trusted and ethical manner.
Internally, we have organized ourselves to accelerate the application of AI across
a diverse set of capabilities spanning the breadth of our enterprise. We have created the Lockheed Martin AI Center (LAIC) to significantly reduce the barriers to entry for new and existing programs to deploy AI,
providing both the foundational tooling and AI-enabled capabilities to programs across the business in support of our government customers and internal business operations.
A disciplined approach to the AI life cycle
Before we can scale AI and machine learning solutions for ourselves or our customers, we must first provide frictionless access to the robust tools and processes that every data scientist requires. To do that, we tap the best open-source software, develop some of our own internally and partner with leading tech companies like NVIDIA.
Our AI Factory is a modular ecosystem for training, deploying and then sustaining AI models at scale. It streamlines access
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