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Building a Data-Driven Government
How NVIDIA helps enable the government’s AI journey
Margaret Amori
Inception Lead for Public Sector, NVIDIA
across government agencies today.
2) NVIDIA offers over 150 software tools, developer libraries and frameworks to help developers deploy world-class AI and data analytics. These SDKs and software tools are widely leveraged by federal agencies that are looking to build their own AI applications. Having access to pre-trained models, developer kits and containerized software rapidly accelerates their development times.
3) In order to equip federal employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a next-generation, AI-capable workforce, NVIDIA offers the Deep Learning Institute (DLI). DLI offers resources for diverse learning needs — from short self-paced to full-day, hands-on instructor-led training, giving individuals and teams what they need to advance their knowledge in AI. Through the
DLI program, NVIDIA has taught AI, accelerated computing and data science to over 200,000 individuals, including many across the public sector and federal systems integrators.
4) NVIDIA GTC has become one of the world’s largest and most important AI conferences. It brings together thousands of innovators, researchers and thought leaders across a variety of industries, including the public sector. GTC is held twice a year and is a not-to-be missed event. Save the date for GTC Spring, March 21-24, 2022.
artificial intelligence and machine
learning (AI/ML) has been growing year over year and could exceed $4 billion by 2023, according to a report by Bloomberg Government. In addition to the increased spending, in 2021 there have been a number of federal actions that further lay the groundwork for AI adoption. Most notably, the National Security Commission on AI called for the government to invest $200 billion in AI over the next 10 years. The federal government is now investing in AI
at all levels, but there is much work yet to be done to enable the government’s adoption
of AI.
NVIDIA, a leader in AI computing, has been helping to enable the
government’s AI journey in five key areas:
1) First, as the world’s leading provider of GPU infrastructure for AI development and deployment, NVIDIA is well poised to help get the infrastructure in order. NVIDIA offers the world’s fastest and most efficient platforms to accelerate any framework
and use case. In addition to extensive partnerships with OEMs and cloud service providers, NVIDIA offers the DGXTM
A100 system, which is purpose-built for the demands of AI. Powered by NVIDIA Tensor Core processors and second-generation AMD EPYCTM CPUs, the DGX A100 is the world’s leading solution for enterprise AI infrastructure at scale and broadly deployed
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