Page 19 - FCW, September/October 2021
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Data and even apps are no longer sitting inside castle-and-moat technology where agencies can control access through specific gates, such as VPNs.
this data? Even though the credentials are correct, does the person’s current behavior match known behavior, or could his or her account have been compromised?
Putting AI to work
Fortunately, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) can make it much easier for agencies to understand a user’s normal behavior. AI can identify when someone does something out of the ordinary and
immediately take action. For example, it can require a user to re-authenticate and block access until additional information is provided proving his or her identity.
AI can also tell the difference between good and bad software before it’s allowed
to execute. BlackBerry technology can detect and block ransomware because there are only certain ways to write encryption- capable malware. Using an AI engine trained on billions of files, good and bad, BlackBerry
solutions can predict the behavior of software before it executes. If a recognized file, or even an unknown one, proves to be malicious, AI can stop it from running.
Agencies using all the tools available to secure people, data and apps are the key to building a modern and secure workplace.
Brian Robison is vice president of solutions strategy and chief evangelist at BlackBerry Inc.

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