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Industry Innovators
profiles of these winners are available on
including AI, machine learning and natural language processing. It
helped determine the strengths
and weaknesses of the various methodologiesandtoolsthatwere available and gave Axiologic insight into the types of situations where the tools would be most effective.
Brillient Corp.
Robotic process automation
Brillient Corp. and its innovation
lab focus on robotic process automation and how the deployment of bots can create efficiencies for federal agencies.
For the Air Force Personnel Center, the company led an opportunity workshop that screened and prioritized candidates for an RPA bot. Brillient ultimately developed a bot that updates travel records and corrects codes that were not properly entered into the system.
Because the previous manual process was so labor-intensive, the Air Force estimated the backlog would require 229,000 labor hours to clear. The bot that took over the work was developed in two weeks.
Applied Insight
Applied Insight already had its Altitude Managed Cloud service when the company acquired Digital Age Experts and that firm’s SHIFT solution — an emulation and testing platform for classified and restricted environments.
SHIFT can emulate Amazon Web Services’ various cloud regions. It
is an aid for developing and testing commercial software that is being brought into highly secure environments. One customer, for example, is
using SHIFT to modernize software development for the F-22 aircraft fleet. Developers are now able to write code in one cloud region and have the assurance that it will function correctly when it
is moved to a cloud region of a higher classification level.
The speed of development and deployment and enhanced security have been major benefits. A study conducted on the F-22 software development efforts found that the average software update took years to release. However, the Air Force needed to be able to write cloud- native code and accelerate the time to deployment on the aircraft itself.
SHIFT has enabled software developers and infrastructure support engineers to test infrastructure and code before attempting deployment to operationalregions.The F-22programis also using SHIFT as a quality assurance tool.
Axiologic Solutions
Data science
Through its blanket purchase agreement with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Axiologic Solutions developed a method for delivering data scientists to DIA in record time.
The company assigned high-level data scientists who lacked security clearances to work on unclassified aspects of a project and, then at critical junctures, transitioned the work to cleared members of the team to finalize. This approach allowed Axiologic to
build a strong core of data experts and provide DIA with essential information and services rapidly until the agency was able to complete full clearances for the team members involved.
The company also worked with strategic partner Grey Matter to provide software for analyzing microservices,
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