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Army Vantage
U.S. Army
The Army has designated data as a mission-essential capability, and the Vantage system is a key tool in enabling the use of data for decision-making.
Based on a platform from Palantir, Vantage (formerly known as the Army Leader Dashboard) takes data from new and old systems and provides leaders across the Army with analysis that can be applied to operational and tactical planning.
It took just three months for Vantage to move
from prototype to production, and it is now available enterprisewide. It has automated strategic readiness reporting for Army headquarters and Operations, Plans and Training. It also facilitates cross-classification work by sending data across the Defense Department’s unclassified and secret-level networks in real time.
In addition, Vantage has integrated data from the
Army’s financial and contracting systems into a single tool that can automate reconciliation requests. By identifying contracts with excess funds, the Army can reroute funding — a significant cost-saver.
The key to the platform’s success is its accessibility to anyone, even the technically challenged. Vantage’s data integration and management capabilities are coupled with visual tools that bring state-of-the-art data analytics and artificial intelligence to a Luddite’s fingertips. No coding experience is necessary to build interactive dashboards or interfaces for records discovery or geospatial analysis.
The platform also enables technical users and data science partners to develop, deploy and operationalize new data assets, modify data and safely test new analytical products.
November/December 2020

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