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Edge computing and the internet of things will dramatically increase the number of devices agencies need to manage and the amount of data they capture.
computing, processing real-time radar and geospatial feeds to protect airports and no- fly zones from the misbehaving teenager
or the nefarious actor with a store-bought drone.
The devices collect a massive amount of data and images, but rather than send all the data somewhere else to be processed, drones can use their own computing power to analyze images and identify anomalies to send back to the central cloud for
further analysis.
Although edge computing involves
drones and tactical hardware, it also represents a big shift toward the power of software. Agencies need a platform that seamlessly unifies all elements of their enterprise IT. In short, they need
a software stack that can integrate everything so the IT team can manage it as one.
Government agencies rarely have the
ability to increase the size of the IT team to accommodate a new technology like edge computing. Instead, they must be able to do more with less, and that comes down to finding the right platform — one that taps the power of software to manage all the environments and new devices coming online.
Dan Fallon is senior director of public sector systems engineers at Nutanix.
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