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When it comes to virtualization, maximizing your server resources is only the beginning.
We can help you move toward a software-defined data center (SDDC) that extends efficiency, flexibility and security to your storage, network and more.
Our experts can assist with planning and design for your virtualization solution and can engineer pilot deployments.
We offer extensive planning and design assistance to help you with:
Software-defined data center architectures
Server virtualization
Software-defined storage
Software-defined networking
Our virtualization assessments provide customized, detailed reports featuring specific recommendations based on your environment.
To help get your solution off the ground, we offer Jumpstart engagements and implementation for vSphere, vRealize Automation, VMware Site Recovery Manager and VMware NSX.
With multiple service levels to fit your support needs, we can host and manage your virtual machines using VMware, Citrix and Microsoft.
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