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Three decades of covering federal IT’s most important stories
Chronicling 30 years of anything is no small accomplishment. And when the subject is something as big and utterly transformed
as federal IT, the scope of three decades of coverage can boggle the mind.
Yet since 1996, FCW has covered it all — the major contracts, the disruptive technologies, the picayune scandals, the policy changes and the many, many people who truly make federal IT function.
And although some stories have a short shelf life, others have remarkable staying power. They become reference points for major shifts in the way the government works, and they shape subsequent changes that happen years or even decades later.
So to mark FCW’s 30 years, we dug into the archives to revisit six seminal moments in federal IT and asked Paul McCloskey — a former FCW editor-in-chief who was there at the beginning — to track how those stories continue to resonate today.
14 September 15, 2016 FCW.COM

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