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$37 million for OPM IT modernization is included in the House’s appropriations bill
FCW Insider: People on the move
Only a couple of months after tak- ing the helm of the newly formed Technology Transformation Service, Phaedra Chrousos is set to leave the organization in mid-July. GSA CIO David Shive will step in as acting commissioner.
Chrousos told FCW that GSA had started the process of identifying the next TTS commissioner a month ago. She plans to take a month or so of maternity leave before returning to the private sector.
“My natural habitat is the private sector,” she said. “I had never planned to stay [in government]. I thought I’d be here six months.”
She added that it had been an intense year of building the institu- tional framework for the entities that were brought together as the Technol- ogy Transformation Service: 18F, the Office of Citizen Services and Inno- vative Technologies, and the Presi- dential Innovation Fellows program.
“We built Version 1.0,” she said. “Now it’s time to move to 2.0.”
Chrousos became TTS commis- sioner in May, shifting from her role as associate administrator of the Office of Citizen Services and Inno- vative Technologies and 18F. At the time, GSA said the new entity was in the same mold as the Federal Acquisi- tion Service and the Public Buildings Service — the agency’s two organiza- tional pillars.
Matt Cutts is taking a leave of absence from his job as head of Google’s web spam team to work for the Defense Department’s digital SWAT team.
Cutts announced his move to the Defense Digital Service in a June 17 blog post in which he praised the technology professionals who are trying to improve the way the gov- ernment works.
“They’re idealists who are also mak- ing a large impact,” he wrote. “From
talking to many of them, I can tell you that their energy is contagious.”
Cutts joined Google in 2000 and has been a key engineer of the compa- ny’s efforts to improve search quality and minimize web spam. He has been described as the Alan Greenspan of search engine optimization because of
Clockwise from top left: Phaedra Chrousos David Shive, Matt Cutts and Mary Davie.
the impact his pronouncements have had on the business of SEO.
President Barack Obama announced the nomination of attor- ney and one-time CIA operative Shirley Woodward to lead the CIA’s Office of Inspector General. The appointment came on the same day that lawmakers quizzed CIA Director John Brennan about the absence of a Senate-confirmed IG.
Woodward has been a partner at D.C. law firm WilmerHale for the past six years. She came to private law practice after a clerkship for now- retired Supreme Court Justice San- dra Day O’Connor.
Woodward also brings serious national security experience to the job. She spent 12 years as an intel- ligence operations officer at the CIA
and was associate general counsel and chief Iraq investigator for the Commission on the Intelligence Capa- bilities of the U.S. Regarding Weap- ons of Mass Destruction from 2004 to 2005.
The IG post has been vacant since David Buckley retired in Febru- ary 2015. Since then, Christopher Sharpley has been serving as IG on an acting basis.
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will hold hearings on Woodward’s nomination before a vote by the full Senate.
Former HP executive Kim Luke has stepped down as IT category manager at the Office of Management and Budget, a post he had held since February.
Mary Davie, assistant commission- er of the General Services Adminis- tration’s Office of Integrated Technol- ogy Services, has taken over as the government’s IT category manager.
The category management initia- tive includes 10 “super categories” of commonly purchased goods and services, each run by individual man- agers with particular expertise. The IT category is critical in the agency’s year-old initiative to spread catego- ry management practices across the federal government to make it into a more agile, smarter buyer of goods and services.
Todd McCall has been named assistant director of the FBI’s Opera- tional Technology Division. The divi- sion develops and deploys technology to support the agency’s intelligence, national security and law enforce- ment operations.
McCall began his career with the agency in its Dallas division in 1990, where he served on the Evidence Response Team. He most recently served as the special agent in charge of the Memphis division.
— FCW staff
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