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scrutinized for unintended bias and that our methods can be used across the entirety of a program’s life cycle.
We are using that diligent approach
to apply the technology to the most challenging government problems. For example, recent wildfires in the western U.S., Europe and Australia brought the recognition that AI can be a critical factor in helping government agencies handle crisis situations more effectively. NVIDIA
and Lockheed Martin are working
on a project called Cognitive Mission Manager that is enabling us to tackle
the challenge of fighting and containing wildfires. Together, we’re committed to creating better methods of predicting fire behavior, optimizing response options and facilitating decision-making to protect lives and property.
It’s exciting for us to be able to stand on the shoulders of the giants of the technology
field, join forces with leaders like NVIDIA and create partnerships with our customers to wield AI for good. Together, we can accelerate the ethical application of AI across the entire government enterprise.
Justin Taylor is vice president of
AI, Greg Forrest is director of AI Foundations and Mike Harasimowicz is director of AI Innovations at Lockheed Martin.
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A disciplined approach is paramount
for taking AI-enabled solutions from the prototype or pilot phase and scaling them into production environments.
Toughest Challenges,
Greatest Rewards
Opportunities abound across Lockheed Martin for AI/ML experts. Contact the Lockheed Martin AI Center (LAIC) today to join the team.
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