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Digitally Transforming the Customer Experience
Amplifying the power of the
customer’s voice
The pandemic has revealed that modernizing CX is not about technology but about a change in mindset
Patrick Moore
Vice President for Business Development, Granicus
customer experience. The technology that supports website development continues to improve, but the focus on how customers engage with and through a website is now a more compelling design element than the underlying technology.
By working backward from what type of information customers are looking for, their needs and their expectations, agencies can begin to improve the way they communicate with these individuals. For example, agencies at all levels of government face challenges related to vaccine distribution.
It can be difficult for members of the public to sift through all the noise to find accurate
AMERICANS’ EXPECTATIONS FOR government have changed. Mobile bank deposits, online food orders and everything delivered from Amazon have
all shifted our view of how services should work. Government has been moving (albeit slowly) in the direction of digital services and improved customer experiences, but the pandemic demonstrated something that we knew all along: Technology works, and government can move fast to implement it.
When government agencies went remote, offices stayed open virtually and services (mostly) remained available. And while those areas where
government needs more
digitalization (such as
unemployment systems)
were made even more
apparent, the trains kept
moving. So what is next?
Government can respond by doing something it has done more of in recent years — listen. As the power of the customer’s voice reaches government, agencies that are savvy listeners and can integrate customer feedback into their service improvement plans will set the leadership tone for a responsive and digital government.
Lawmakers are embracing the need
for digital government. The central components of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act — modernizing websites, digitizing services and forms, accelerating the use of e-signatures, improving the customer experience, and transitioning to shared services — apply
to all levels of government. Agencies understand the value of those changes, and the experience of the pandemic has given them even more incentive to make those changes.
Yes, websites still matter!
Websites play a crucial role in the
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