Page 15 - CARAHSOFT, May 2021
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augment or completely replace manual processes and be used to evaluate customer intent and sentiment. Post- interaction surveys can solicit feedback in the moment to assess customer satisfaction or capture the voice of the customer. These capabilities enhance the subset of tools an agency can leverage for enabling human- centered design and CX improvement.
By applying speech analytics in the contact center, agencies can aggregate
disparate data points across customer interactions and surveys; parse large volumes of data around key interaction moments, topics, audience and sentiment; and then convert that unstructured
data into searchable reports and data visualizations. These real-time dashboards enable analysis on various attributes
of CX, surface trends on strengths and weaknesses regarding automation strategy, and provide actionable insights on what
and where to improve, as well as areas to proactively resolve potential issues before they occur.
The results are higher agent productivity, increased insights into CX and lower IT costs. This is the next step in enabling agencies to improve the experience for agents and customers.
James Ward is vice president of regulated industries at Talkdesk.
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The ability to scale up to handle a sudden workload influx while enabling work location flexibility will continue to be a concern.

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