Page 32 - Campus Technology, October/November 2020
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Ensuring the Current
Learning Experience and
Designing for the Future
Despite the current shift to remote learning, Arizona State University is striving to offer students the experiences they currently expect from an ASU education, while keeping its sights set on strategic goals.
By Mary Grush
WE’RE HAPPY to be catching up with Kyle Bowen for the first time since his move to Arizona State University in February 2020 to assume his new post in the University Technology Office as the executive director of the institution’s Learning Experience Group. Here, Bowen explains how the university can continue to offer students the experi- ences they expect from an ASU educa- tion during the current phase of remote learning and how, at the same time, the institution can leverage its work into plans for the future.
Campus Technology: I’m sure you and your colleagues have been exceptionally busy these past few months. What have you been focusing on most?
Kyle Bowen: This is a period in time dur- ing which we are laser-focused on ensur- ing that our students continue to have the kinds of educational opportunities that attracted them to Arizona State
As did most institutions, ASU entered
into its own particular kind of remote instruction period this past spring semester. At the time, I had recently joined the Learning Experience Group, an academic support and learning design team for the university that launched in February 2020. Talk about perfect timing!
During the shift to remote instruction, a central element of our successful tran- sition was making sure our learning envi- ronments preserved the connection between the faculty and students.
That’s where we were able to leverage Zoom, heavily at first. Today, our campus is consuming literally millions of minutes of Zoom time in the delivery of live, online classes, with nearly 19,000 class sessions streamed via Zoom already this fall semester. Looking back, our support for a large volume of synchronous remote classes has demonstrated the myriad possibilities and potential of this type of delivery.

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