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Campus Technology Distance Learning Summit
Campus closures have led education institutions everywhere to scramble to move instruction to an online format. In three editorial-led sessions, ed tech experts and practitioners in the trenches provide insight, ideas and information for education IT decision-makers grappling with the need for continuity of teaching and learning in these unprecedented times.
Sponsored by Kivuto, Connection and Lenovo
Continuity of IT Service During COVID-19
In the midst of this big shift in how we study and work, the IT organization is expected to make sure its operations continue to run without hiccups. Learn how universities are addressing the challenges of supporting users remotely. Sponsored by Everbridge
One-Minute Whitepaper: How Okta Mitigates Cybersecurity Risks for Higher Learning Institutions
Cybersecurity risks for higher ed institutions are significant and growing. Colleges and universities still represent a significant target sector for malicious cyber activity. And one of today’s big cybersecurity challenges for these institutions is that traditional network perimeters are disappearing. Learn how technology can help reduce the risks. Sponsored by Okta
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