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sity attendance next year based on the cost of tuition — let alone out-of-state tuition — if they’re going to do distance learning. Well, I want those students who are thinking about that to know we’re not going to be on the ground either. If you’re coming home because you think you’re going to have on-the-ground classes in a commu- nity college, that’s not the case. I’m not exposing you to that sort of risk.
And, of course, for our existing students, I want them to be able to make plans and know if they’re struggling with distance learning and want to think about different options, they should do that. But that’s the kind of information I think we need to be very transparent about.
I’m a little surprised, to be perfectly honest with you, that more colleges haven’t announced what they’re doing for fall.
There’s nothing that I’m looking at in the model- ing that they don’t have access to. There’s no deci- sion that I’m making that is going to be judged premature and overly pessimistic in retrospect. The data is in front of us and all the public health experts are saying the same thing — that social distancing is around for a long time.
There’s no way to guarantee social distancing in a typical university or college setting with typical classrooms. Not only can we not assure six feet of distance between students in classrooms, but we’ve just been spending the last few days trying to figure out how we’re going to do it in labs and studios.
It’s incredibly complicated getting students out of the classroom through one or two doors and maintaining a six-foot distance. Getting them down the halls, getting them through the ingress and egress doors of the building itself, if students are leaving classes all at one time in the schedule. That’s incredibly complicated. It’s a logistical chal- lenge. To think about doing it with 27,000 stu- dents is out of the question. It’s going to be really hard just to manage with a couple of thousand students.
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