Page 36 - Campus Technology, January/February 2020
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Engaging Students
with Streamlined Support
Australia’s University of Canberra is simplifying students’ higher education journeys with a holistic approach to constituent relationship management.
By Dian Schaffhauser
If students truly can be considered the customers in the higher education equation, then it makes sense for colleges and universities to adopt the same software being used by corporations to manage their clientele. And yet academics typically insist on referring to CRMs as “constituent relationship management” applications, which can — when you think about it — mean anybody from a member of the public who has attended a campus event to a trustee helping set institutional policy. Too often, these programs are used by only a handful of people who understand their inner workings, particularly for use in student recruitment and outreach. But what if CRM systems were to be picked up by numerous departments on campus
and applied (as they are in a multitude of industries) to delivering a better overall experience for the student?
That’s the idea behind UC Student 360 and AskUC, an initiative at the University of
Category: Administration
Institution: University of Canberra
Project: UC Student 360
Project lead: Rebecca Armstrong, deputy director, AI, projects and innovation
Tech lineup: Click Dimensions, Comm100, KingswaySoft, Microsoft, Twilio
Photos: Courtesy of University of Canberra

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