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2) Create a program map.
A program map should outline core competen- cies and program objectives. It also includes a map for each individual course, breaking down readings, assignments, discussions, exams and specific learning outcomes. For instance, in UCI’s Overview of Esports course, Ngo said, “What’s important is for the learner to know: What even makes an esport an esport? What are the major developers right now in esports? And what are some of the career tracks that you can have in this industry?”
3) Provide instructional design support.
For its esports certificate program, UC Irvine hires industry professionals to serve as subject- matter experts (SMEs) and instructors, and then brings in an instructional design team to help them create course content and hone their teaching skills. “We’re basically trying to make everything easy for our SMEs so that they can focus on teaching and we can focus on the technology side,” said Ngo. “We teach our SMEs the pedagogy, because not all of them know how to teach in an online environ- ment. We have training to teach them how to get students engaged, how to keep them engaged, and how to get them to understand a specific learning outcome.”
4) Research the esports job market.
The top three esports employment sectors right now are in software engineering, market- ing and operations, according to data from Hit- marker, an online job board focused on the esports and gaming industry. “We are really about trying to help students get a great career in this industry,” Ngo said. “And one of the ways we’re doing that is working with Hit- marker.” In addition to providing an overview of esports job opportunities, Hitmarker has helped UC Irvine find companies that can potentially offer internships for students.
5) Find out what other esports programs are in your area.
The Entertainment Software Association offers a breakdown of college esports programs, companies and industry advocates by state and district. “This is a really good resource for students and learners and people who want to get into the industry, telling you where these companies are located and where these col- lege programs are located,” noted Ngo.
6) Work with a streamer to build a diverse fanbase.
Esports is continually changing, asserted Ngo. “It’s still trying to figure out what it wants to

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