Page 8 - Campus Technology, October/November 2019
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UPDATES to Perceivant’s BearTracks app enable students to access courseware from the mobile applica- tion and receive push notifications. READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE. TWO NEW ultra-short-throw models in Optoma’s laser pro- jector series, the ZH500UST and AU500UST, are wireless, have 5,000 lumens of bright- ness and produce images up to 120-inches in size. READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE. AMAZON has introduced the Alexa Education Skill API, a new application programming interface that gives developers the ability to integrate Alexa skills into their education technology services. READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE. 8 CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | Oct/Nov 2019 Photos Clockwise: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock, Optoma, Amazon 

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