Page 58 - Campus Technology, October/November 2019
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Favorite Gaming PC Platinum: Dell Gold: Alienware Silver: Apple Favorite Gaming Laptop Platinum: Dell Gold: Alienware Silver: Apple Media Tablets Platinum: Apple Gold: Samsung Silver: Amazon and Dell (tie) Chromebooks Platinum: Google Gold: Dell Silver: Acer Windows Tablets Platinum: Microsoft Gold: Lenovo Silver: Dell Convertible Notebooks/2-in-1 Notebooks Platinum: Lenovo Gold: Dell Silver: HP Notebooks Platinum: Dell Gold: Apple Silver: HP and Lenovo (tie) Virtual Desktops and Thin Clients Platinum: VMware Gold: Citrix Silver: HP Wireless Access Points & Hotspots Platinum: Cisco Gold: Aruba Networks/HP Silver: Netgear 3D Printers Platinum: HP Gold: MakerBot Silver: FlashForge Network Management, Monitoring and Analysis Platinum: Cisco Gold: Microsoft Silver: VMware 58 CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | Oct/Nov 2019 

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