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CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY 2019 READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS What are the best technologies in use at higher education institutions this year? Here’s what you told us. By Rhea Kelly Most Valuable in the Institution This Year Platinum: Terra Dotta What readers said: “Crisis management and ensuring the safety and well-being of our students abroad is more important than ever. I need to be confident that we are doing all we can, and AlertTraveler was a game changer in my confidence level. I no longer stay awake at night worried that I will miss something going on in the world that could impact our students, because I know AlertTraveler is there and provides valuable, time-sensitive response and resources to me and to my students while they are abroad. I would be lost without this service!” “Terra Dotta helps us manage our study abroad and international student and scholar services data; their staff is very responsive to requested changes and upgrades, allowing us to continuously improve our advising, compliance and reporting services.” Gold: Zoom What readers said: “We have developed a pressing need for videoconferencing and had no previous solution, so Zoom gave us a multifunction room with videoconferencing. Integration plus ease of setup make it ideal for a quick deployment.” “Zoom, \[for its\] ease of use and the increased communication and productivity of meetings not requiring being in the same physical location.” Silver: Panopto What readers said: “Panopto allowed us to capture educational video at scale without expensive hardware overheads.” “Panopto allows for instructors/students to record and share information — another level of interaction.” 54 CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | Oct/Nov 2019 

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