Page 33 - Campus Technology, October/November 2019
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In our 15 years of recognizing higher educa- tion institutions for their work with technol- ogy, we’ve seen remarkable variety in the ways IT can have an impact on campus. Projects can be large or small, tackle long-standing chal- lenges or new innovations, span all sorts of technology categories, and really make a differ- ence for students, faculty, administration and other stakeholders. Each year, we do our best to identify the cream of the crop — projects doing important work that can serve as a model to other colleges and universities around the globe. For 2019, we are pleased to present 12 winning projects in five categories: Teaching and Learning, IT Infrastructure and Systems; Student Systems and Services; Administra- tion; and Education Futurists. Final selection was guided by our Impact Awards Judging Committee members (see “Our Judges,” page 52), who graciously volunteered their time and expertise to review each nomination. In the following pages, we will profile three of the winning projects — with more to come in the next few issues of Campus Technology. For the complete list of winners, see page 50. Congratulations to all our awardees! 33 Photo: 

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