Page 11 - Campus Technology, October/November 2019
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ulty showcase to hear their peers discuss tech- nology in the classroom, they can attend an open lab which allows them to drop in and ask any questions they may have, they can attend a workshop, they can work through a certificate track, they can do a two-day seminar, or they can participate in a collaboration project. They can also schedule one-on-one time. CT: Are there certain approaches that have been more successful than others? Sharp: Our certificate tracks are successful and our faculty showcases are successful. CT: Can you give an example of how each of those work? Sharp: Certificate tracks consist of four or five one-hour workshops and some include an online course component. A few examples are: Student Engagement, Blended Classroom, and Innova- tive Online Teaching. Faculty can participate either in person or through WebEx. There is typ- ically some type of deliverable at the end of the certificate track. One of our recent faculty showcases focused on peer assessment within the learning manage- ment system. We then conducted a workshop on utilizing peer assessment within the LMS later that week. Another topic was “Using Tech- nology Tools to Think Outside the Box,” where a faculty member shared various tools she used to inspire innovation and creativity in the class- room. Again, we then hosted workshops on those tools later in the week. CT: How do you recruit faculty to put on a showcase? Sharp: We have a variety of recruitment meth- ods. First, we host a yearly award series where faculty, staff and students can apply for Excel- lence in Digital Course Design, Innovative Use of Technology, and Technology Collaboration awards. We ask the winners of those awards to return the following year to deliver a showcase. We’ve also asked various faculty members to give showcases if we know they’re doing some- thing innovative with technology. And we have faculty who request to give showcases or who nominate a colleague to do a showcase. CT: How do you assess what faculty engage- ment approaches work best? Sharp: We use surveys to assess what is working and we also look at attendance data. CT: Is there a threshold attendance rate you 11 

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