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ngineering (RTE) program ards, terminals, signals
Michael Yohn, in university reporting. “It’s a real- ly cool piece of equipment.”
Last year, students in the Rail Transportation Engineering (RTE) program headed to Europe to record 360-degree videos at various railroad locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria under the guidance of instructor Bryan Schlake. They also collected videos of the trains, rail- roads, yards, terminals, signals and footage from the operator’s cabs on several trains. Instructional Designer Joe Scott helped the team produce 360-degree video content show- ing various European railway applications, now made available on the RTE YouTube website.
9) Feeling the Impact
of Decisions
A course in the Executive MBA program at Fordham University’s (NY) Gabelli School of Business puts its future leaders through two VR exercises intended to help them understand the power of communication and teamwork. Led by Julita Haber, director of the full-time cohort
MBA and a communications and media profes- sor, one activity requires students to walk across a balance beam at the top of a 1,400-foot sky- scraper, urged on by team members. Another one tasks student teams to select one person to deactivate a bomb while receiving directions from the others.
Observed one student, William Allan, a finan- cial professional at a global business and tech consultancy, “Each exercise provided me with a different framework for my thought process in how to approach a situation. It [showed] me the importance of delegation and teamwork in time-sensitive situations.”
“The topics of team dynamics and technology go very well together,” said Haber in a state- ment. “I wanted to create activities that would evoke emotions and enhance their communica- tion skills to reach a goal.”
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