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Working Together for Quicker, Easier Captioning
Kennesaw State University collaborated with its captioning vendor to develop a better solution that faculty would actually use.
Category: IT Infrastructure and Systems Institution: Kennesaw State University
Project: Working with Vendors to Create a Custom Captioning Solution
Project lead: Jordan Cameron, assistant director of academic web accessibility
Tech lineup: Ceilo24, Kaltura
Project team members (left to right): LaKesha Ross, Randall Dean, Veronica Trammell and Anushua Poddar
KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY (GA) faced a challenge common to many universities: explosive growth in the number of online courses it offered and no easy and affordable way to scale up the closed captioning required to make all the course video and audio files fully accessible to all students.
With its previous captioning processes proving unsat- isfactory, Kennesaw partnered with a vendor to develop a solution that provides speedy machine-generated captions and an embedded editor that allows faculty to do more of
CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | October/November 2018
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