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In a recent survey from Champlain College Online, 41 percent of respondents said they would consider returning to college for a cybersecurity degree or certificate in order to prepare for a cybersecurity job. And 72 percent would be
willing to do the same if their
current employer would pay for their training. The survey, conducted by Engine Insight, polled 1,004 adults across the United States about their perceptions of the cybersecurity field and cybersecurity education.
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CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | October/November 2018
ADVOCATING FOR OER. Lumen Learning has created an online resource to help proponents of open educational resources make the case for OER use on campus. The OER Champion Playbook offers a collection of ideas, tips and tools for building effective OER initiatives. The content spans five categories: Making the Case for OER; Measuring Impact with OER; Building Awareness & Enthusiasm; Supporting Faculty through Change;
and Sustaining Change & Impact. Each category provides a variety of suggested activities, along with links to additional information, worksheets, examples and more. Read the full story online.4
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