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Making E-Textbooks More Interactive
Columbus State Community College created a multimedia e-book for English composition students that reduces textbook costs and reimagines the ways learners engage with course material.
Category: Teaching and Learning
Institution: Columbus State Community College
Project: “iComp: A Guide to First-Year Writing” Multi-Touch iBook
Project leads: Deb Bertsch, professor, Don Bruce, associate professor, Rebecca Fleming, associate professor, Nick Lakostik, associate professor,
Jason LaMar, supervisor, Instructional Technology Innovations (Digital Education and Instructional Services)
Tech lineup: Adobe, Apple
CSCC’s project team (left to right): Jason LaMar, Don Bruce, Nick Lakostik, Rebecca Fleming and Deb Bertsch
E-TEXTBOOKS MADE UP of open educational resources can greatly alleviate the cost of students’ course materials, yet many open source textbook efforts are specific to STEM courses. The majority of OpenStax’s library of free textbooks, for example, focuses on science and math topics. So in
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