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3. Security: Getting IoT devices on the network easily is just the beginning. Campus IT leaders must also ensure the devices are secure and can’t be a way for hackers to gain access to network resources. Most IoT objects are built to perform a specific function—and security is often an afterthought in their manufacture. In its 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec reported many IoT devices can be compromised by skilled hackers within two minutes of connecting.
Implementing a network access control solution that simpli- fies but does not compromise security is essential for handling the IoT. The ability to lock down access and communication to and from these devices through policies defined by network ad- ministrators solves the IoT security challenge, which lets devices operate as they need to without disrupting other network traffic.
IT staff can put all connected thermostats into the same profile with the same limited network privileges, for example. “They all
go onto a separate VLAN, with rules created to isolate them from everything else on the network,” says Miller. That way, a hacker would not be able to access other parts of the network using those devices.
As the number of devices connecting to campus networks continues to increase, universities need flexible solutions that can address all three of those concerns. They must be able to create secure usage policies for these devices at scale, not just for the personal devices used by students and staff but also the myriad IoT devices connecting to their networks. As more devices come online, it’s important for campus IT leaders to have a flexible, intelligent Wi-Fi system that can automatically identify and control a wide range of device types.
“The use cases for different devices are distinct, yet they are all operating together on the same network. They each need their own network policies, levels of access, and security,” says Miller. “Colleges and universities need a flexible system to support and manage those use cases appropriately.”
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