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Universities and campuses need full network simplicity and scalability.
WHILE MANY MAY look to Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, as a leader in the wireless networking space, its line of wired networking products and technologies is equally strong. In fact, as wireless solution development has advanced rapidly over the past 15 years, many innovations were modeled after advances made earlier in wired networking.
Fast forward to today, and Aruba is delivering switch smarts whose innovative value is modeled after what they have learned from the wireless world. As wireless traffic continues to grow, every communication must still pass through a wired switch. Although often overlooked, that fact makes switches the real core of an intelligent and programmable network.
In fact, switches and ports play a more critical role than ever in the wired network structure. Today, switches not only handle more traffic and provide traditional wired connectivity, but also are an important aggregator of wireless access points and connector of IoT devices. And with technologies like IoT and cloud on the rise, thesecurityandstabilityofthewiredandwirelessnetworkismore critical than ever. Ports on the switch are more important than ever.
While the past several decades in networking have been defined
by static, closed-networking solutions designed for the client- server era, Aruba is changing that. Here are some examples:
Aruba 2930M, 2930F switches: Designed for performance and easy deployment, the 2930s are scalable Layer 3 that offer plenty of PoE+ power, Smart Rate mult-gigabit Ethernet, stacking and open REST APIs. As with the wireless side of the network, Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and Aruba AirWave let network managers quickly provision and manage the switches.
Aruba 3810 switch series: The 3810 series is an powerful Advanced Layer 3 series with backplane stacking, low latency, and resiliency. The series is a good solution for a highly mobile campus network. Like the 2930M, it supports HPE Smart Rate multi- gigabit Ethernet, making it ready for use with high-speed APs, power users and IoT devices.
ArubaOS 8: A university campus is a highly complex mobile environment that must support thousands of students, faculty, staff, and guests. ArubaOS 8 allows secure central management of complex networks, including Dynamic Segmentation that extends amobilefirstarchitecturetowiredportsinthenetwork,providing unified policy and protection. ArubaOS 8 with Mobility Master, gives administrators the ability to quickly scale the network in the
face of increased demand for mobile and IoT devices.
Aruba AirWave: With its granular visibility into both wired
and wireless networks, AirWave is the only network management platform designed specifically for mobile devices and apps. Offering simplicity and improved workflows, Aruba AirWave can assist with deploying and managing both wireless and wired networks.
Aruba NetInsight: Using predictive analytics against network data, Aruba NetInsight delivers valuable guidance for improving network performance and the mobile experience of users. Its automatic predictive capacity continually collects data on network use and performance, allowing for better network design and management.
Aruba ClearPass: With the convergence of cloud, a rapidly growing number of devices to support, and technologies such as IoT, the network is more important than ever. It’s also
a greater challenge to support. Aruba ClearPass can help
by allowing predefined policies for both wireless and wired devices, that can differentiate users based on role, device, and location.Thisallowsforenforcementof whatBYODdevices can onboard the network, regardless of user type, along with which apps they can access, and from what location. •

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