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C-Level View
so we enjoy the opportunity to work together in depth on the common problems we are facing.
CT: How do consortia and alliances come about, initially?
Morrone: In the case of Unizin, which was formed in 2014, four institu- tions came together because we realized that we were all thinking about digital education and how we could improve student success, affordability, increased access ... all the things that all of us were thinking about all the time. And there were already established, excellent partnerships among this group of four founding institutions: University of Michigan, University of Florida, Colorado State University and Indiana University.
It was really the chief information officers who identified the opportunity to establish a consortium that would create a new digital learning ecosystem to serve the common needs of our original four institutions, around data, con- tent and OER, learning analytics and a shared learning management system. And so we formed Unizin, which now has a membership of more than two dozen institutions, including institutions in two state systems.
CT: And does Unizin help ensure that institutions will have standardized data and platforms?
Morrone: Yes, certainly. The learning management system is an example of that. If every institution is using a different learning management system, it
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