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2017 CT IMPACT AWARDS IN DEPTH david raths Bring-Your-Own-Device Transforms Physics Lab
North Carolina State University created a free app that turns students’ smartphones into lab instruments, saving money in lab setup and maintenance and giving learners the tools to explore physics anywhere.
INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS LABS typi- cally use highly specialized equipment to detect, record and analyze physical data from experiments, such as acceleration and rotational speed of objects. But such hard-to-use, expen- sive tools can be a barrier to learning. Colleen Countryman, a teaching assistant professor of physics at North Carolina State University, was convinced there was a better way: She
Category: Teaching and Learning
Institution: North Carolina State University
Project: MyTech: Bring-Your-Own-Device Physics
Project lead: David Tredwell, senior interaction designer/developer
Tech lineup: Developed in-house
MyTech project team members (left to right) David Tredwell, Colleen Countryman, Samantha McCuen, Yan Shen
CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | November/December 2017
Photos courtesy of North Carolina State University

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