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3 Ways IT Is Impacting Student Success
Three CIOs talk about technology’s role in student success and the wide-ranging ways that the IT organization is contributing to institutional goals.
OVER THE PAST several years, student success initiatives have burst onto the scene as academic officials have sought to respond to pressure to improve retention and graduation rates. Philanthropic groups such as the Gates Foundation and state legislatures have made student success a point of emphasis. Many universities don’t have the technology infrastructure to respond to the needs of these new programs, which raises the question of the CIO’s role in designing solutions.
Why should CIOs be proactive on the issue of student success? “It is important to be engaged in things that are important to the overall mission of the university,” said Scott Winslow, practice manager at the Education Advisory Board, a consulting firm and technology platform provider. Winslow recently led the research for a report about optimizing IT’s role in student success (see “4 IT Priorities for Student Success,” page 20). “In many cases CIOs and their teams aren’t viewed
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