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C-Level View
you have an incident, even of a small size. So, how we continue to improve our posture and avoid bad things is certainly more important than might seem obvious on the surface. Also, being able to have a concrete plan for what we would do if something happens is of real importance. Without having a full- time, dedicated security staff, how could we do all that on our own?
Before we formed the consortium, IT at each of our consortium schools
at least made their best efforts. At Dominican University, I found, without some structure and a timeline, we were just not making as fast strides as I knew we should. So, for me, the true benefit of this managed contract is that we have set the roadmap, that we have frequent calls and that I have a full backup team — our consortium partners and our vendor — for any questions that may arise. I have, more or less, my security bench on call at any time. And they are at all times helping us with proactive efforts that we can work on together. For what I was probably spending on penetration testing alone, now I am getting a full complement of service, support and colleagues helping us make progress on our security maturity across the organization.
CT: What has been a key takeaway as you look back at your efforts to develop partnerships, both internally and externally?
Albin-Hill: If I had to pick one thing to emphasize, I think it would be the impact of working with people, and the importance of learning to do that. It covers a broad piece of what you do for your role in IT, and
it might include anything from professional development for IT staff,
to learning about potential consortium partners, to establishing better services for departmental constituents ... and so much more. It’s a new style of IT. All of these things require you to learn and understand what people are trying to do.
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